[INDOLOGY] Question: How is Sanskrit is taught at Western Universities?

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There is the following story about Gonda and his student van Buitenen. When van Buitenen, as a prospective student of Sanskrit, asked Gonda about the study program(me), Gonda advised him to have a look at the grammar himself. Van Buitenen returned the same afternoon, saying he had finished the grammar, after which they started reading Sanskrit texts. It is one of the many stories Bodewitz used to tell us students about Gonda.

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Dear Mr Mellman,

Here at the U. of Alberta we currently run two courses: Introduction to Sanskrit I, and Introduction to Sanskrit II.  These are each one-semester courses (13 weeks, 3 or 4 one-hour meetings per week).  We use the book Cambridge Introduction to Sanskrit<http://cambridge-sanskrit.org/> and related online materials by Antonia Ruppel. Sanskrit I covers about half of Ruppel's book, 20 chapters.

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South Asia at the U of A:


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An immediate question is searching the Indology archives for how Sanskrit is taught at Western Universities.  (Can you help on this?  I was able to see posts from 2007 but couldn’t get consecutive ones going forward to 2019).



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