[INDOLOGY] Question: How is Sanskrit is taught at Western Universities?

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Dear Mr Mellman,

Here at the U. of Alberta we currently run two courses: Introduction to
Sanskrit I, and Introduction to Sanskrit II.  These are each one-semester
courses (13 weeks, 3 or 4 one-hour meetings per week).  We use the
book Cambridge
Introduction to Sanskrit <http://cambridge-sanskrit.org/> and related
online materials by Antonia Ruppel. Sanskrit I covers about half of
Ruppel's book, 20 chapters.

Dominik Wujastyk

Professor Dominik Wujastyk <http://ualberta.academia.edu/DominikWujastyk>

Singhmar Chair in Classical Indian Society and Polity

Department of History and Classics <http://historyandclassics.ualberta.ca/>
University of Alberta, Canada

South Asia at the U of A:


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>> Thanks
>> John

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