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Fri Jul 19 07:46:08 UTC 2019

Dear all,

many thanks to Gaia Pintucci for providing me with her scan of the
book ( , available until 26 July).



Am Do., 18. Juli 2019 um 23:33 Uhr schrieb Peter Mukunda Pasedach
<peter.pasedach at>:
> Dear all,
> would anyone have a pdf of the
> "Report on the Search for Sanskrit Manuscripts in the Bombay
> Presidency, during the Years 1887-88, 1888-89, 1889-90 and 1890-91"?
> I am aware of
> , but unfortunately its last pages, with roman pages numbers, are
> missing.
> Gauri Shankar, in the introduction to his edition of the
> Kapphiṇābhyudaya (p. xlvi), mentions an anonymous verse in praise of
> its author Śivasvāmin, apparently featured in the description of the
> Kavīndravacanasamuccaya in the book I am searching, on p. xi:
> vākyāni dvipadīyutāny atha mahākāvyāni sapta kramāt
>     tryakṣapratyahanirmitastutikathālakṣāṇi caikādaśa |
> kṛtvā nāṭakanāṭikāprakaraṇaprāyān prabandhān bahūn
>     viśrāmaty adhunāpi nātiśayitā vāṇī śivasvāminaḥ ||
> Which is of interest not only because of the remarkable number of
> seven Mahākāvyas (and other works) attributed to Śivasvāmin, but also
> because of its mention of the "eleven lacs of hymns and narratives
> composed day by day in praise of Śiva" (tr. Shankar, or maybe
> Bhandarkar?) suggesting him to be a Śaiva, while his only preserved
> work plays on a Buddhist theme. This verse makes its appearance in
> other places, too, with variant readings. Any complete pdf, or scans
> of the few relevant pages, or thoughts on the verse in question are
> welcome!
> Best regards,
> Peter Pasedach

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