[INDOLOGY] PDF of Bhandarkar Report 1897/verse in praise of Śivasvāmin

Peter Mukunda Pasedach peter.pasedach at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 18 21:33:52 UTC 2019

Dear all,

would anyone have a pdf of the

"Report on the Search for Sanskrit Manuscripts in the Bombay
Presidency, during the Years 1887-88, 1888-89, 1889-90 and 1890-91"?

I am aware of http://wujastyk.net/mscats/Sanskrit_Catalogues/Biswas%200854%20Poona%20-%20Bhandarkar%20search%201887/Bhandarkar_Report_on_the_Search_for_Sanskrit_Mss_Bombay_1887.pdf
, but unfortunately its last pages, with roman pages numbers, are

Gauri Shankar, in the introduction to his edition of the
Kapphiṇābhyudaya (p. xlvi), mentions an anonymous verse in praise of
its author Śivasvāmin, apparently featured in the description of the
Kavīndravacanasamuccaya in the book I am searching, on p. xi:

vākyāni dvipadīyutāny atha mahākāvyāni sapta kramāt
    tryakṣapratyahanirmitastutikathālakṣāṇi caikādaśa |
kṛtvā nāṭakanāṭikāprakaraṇaprāyān prabandhān bahūn
    viśrāmaty adhunāpi nātiśayitā vāṇī śivasvāminaḥ ||

Which is of interest not only because of the remarkable number of
seven Mahākāvyas (and other works) attributed to Śivasvāmin, but also
because of its mention of the "eleven lacs of hymns and narratives
composed day by day in praise of Śiva" (tr. Shankar, or maybe
Bhandarkar?) suggesting him to be a Śaiva, while his only preserved
work plays on a Buddhist theme. This verse makes its appearance in
other places, too, with variant readings. Any complete pdf, or scans
of the few relevant pages, or thoughts on the verse in question are

Best regards,

Peter Pasedach

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