[INDOLOGY] Vyasatirtha vrindavan vandalism

Jonathan Peterson jon.peterson at mail.utoronto.ca
Thu Jul 18 13:47:18 UTC 2019

Seeing as a number of us on this list have worked on the figure of Vyāsatīrtha (Vyāsarāya), an important sixteenth-century scholar-saint of the Mādhva Vedānta tradition, and have worked closely with scholars associated with the Vyāsarāya maṭha, I wanted to convey news of the shocking vandalism of the Vyāsarāya vrindavan in Anegundi near Hampi:


The current head of the matha system, Shri Vidyashreesha (in his pūrvāśrama, the esteemed scholar of navyanyāya, Dr. Prahladacarya) has issued a statement here and has urged calm:


Predictably, some in high positions of civil service have jumped to wildly speculative, historically uninformed, and antagonistic conclusions:


Jonathan Peterson
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