[INDOLOGY] New version of the DCS

Oliver Hellwig hellwig7 at gmx.de
Thu Jan 31 19:17:11 UTC 2019

Dear all,

a new version of the DCS has been released using a new URL:

Better to memorize, anyway!

The new version contains a number of Vedic texts, including the RV, 
larger parts of the Shaunakiya version of the AV, and related stuff.
Be careful: Some citations of these texts have gone wrong (e.g. ShBr 
5.2.1 instead of the correct citation 2.5.1). This is a bug in the 
export routine, and I hope to fix it at some point.

Moreover, the DCS now has a built-in functionality to annotate syntactic 
dependencies, using the Universal Dependency tag set (see here: 
https://universaldependencies.org/). Some sample annotations are 
attached to the first hymns of the first book of the AV; check, for 
instance, AVS 1.1.
I feel that having dep. anno for larger parts of the Sanskrit corpus 
would be of enormous use for linguistic research. So, if you would like 
to add dependencies on some texts of the DCS, please contact me for 
login credentials and access to the preliminary version of the 
annotation guidelines (Latex). You may even train a neural network based 
dependency annotator, which greatly speeds up annotation (but, 
unfortunately, does not seem to run in all browsers => Anybody 
acquainted with tensorflowJS and willing to improve it?)
All annotations will be released on github along with the rest of the 

Best, Oliver

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