[INDOLOGY] Passing Away of Prof. Dr. Chlodwig Werba!

Jan E.M. Houben jemhouben at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 15:34:28 UTC 2019

Dear Dr. Chakrabarti,
I am very sad to be informed about the premature passing away of Prof.
Chlodwig Werba, author of numerous articles in the domain of Vedic
(including on "prakritic wordforms in the Rgvedasamhita)
and Indo-european studies and especially of "Werba's Verba Indoiranica,
Part I".
He used to sanskritize his name as Śruta-vega and write brief sentences in
Sanskrit -- for instance the dedication in the copy of his Verba
Indoiranica which he sent me in 1997/98 -- long before courses in spoken
and functional Sanskrit became fashionable.
Is there anywhere a list of his publications available online?
Condolences to his family, colleagues, friends and students.
Jan Houben
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on p. ix of his Verba Indoiranica Chlodwig Werba quotes (I intentionally
use the present tense here)
a stanza in the Kathāmukha of the Pañcatantra

anantapāraṁ kila śabdaśāstraṁ
   svalpaṁ tathāyur bahavaś ca vighnāḥ /
sāraṁ tato grāhyam apāsya phalgu
   haṁsair yathā kṣīram ivāmbumadhyāt //

For this he gives a liberal and metrical translation into English:

Since verbal science has no final end ;
   since life is short, and obstacles impend,
let central facts be picked and firmly fixed,
   as swans extract the milk with water mixed !
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> I am sorry to inform the learned circle that my friend Prof. Dr. Chlodwig
> Werba of the South Asian Institute of Indoloy & Tibetan Studies in Vienna
> has died a premature death on 25 January 2019. We miss not only an
> outstanding scholar of Indology, but a man of intense feeling and a heart
> full of humour. May he attain Sadgati.
> Photo Courtesy: Edgar Leitan
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> you play it.??? ??? Anandamayi Ma
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> unbroken.??? - Paracelsus
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