[INDOLOGY] Kusumamala at USA inter library loan help

Rocher, Rosane D rrocher at sas.upenn.edu
Fri Jan 11 16:34:48 UTC 2019

Dear Krishnaprasad,

The interlibrary loan is a free service that only functions between universities.  Go to https://www.library.upenn.edu/kislak/reprographic-services for all necessary information.  The call number (British shelfmark) for the item you seek is PK669 .A68 1891.  The item is listed as "in place."  I can't go and verify.  I am stuck at home with a fractured toe.

Best wishes,

Rosane Rocher
Professor Emerita of South Asia Studies
University of Pennsylvania

On 1/11/19 9:17 AM, Krishnaprasad G via INDOLOGY wrote:
Dear all
I am forwarding the reply I received from Pennsylvania Library USA,
My library doesn't allow to put forward the interlibrary loan request, in fact they are not aware of that and I am failed to convince the curator. That's is the reason on personal mail I requested.
I wonder, could any one take the hassle here to help me out for the scan. I will bear all the costs incurred. Your help is highly admired.
The Kususmamala Vol 2 available on archive is not 1st edition.


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Dear Krishna Prasad,

We do have this book and do provide scanning services.  Please have the interlibrary loan department of your university contact us at this email to inquire about placing a request.  We can only fill requests from universities, not from individual patrons.

Very best regards,

Interlibrary Loan
Van Pelt Library
University of Pennsylvania – PAU
Philadelphia PA 19104

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Dear Curator
I am Krishna Prasad research student at Karnataka Samskrit University Bangalore. I am searching for Kusumamala Vol 2 1891 edition. I happened to that the book is in your library collection through world catalog. I would be glad to know is there any facility to get the book scanned. Could you please confirm the facility.
Yours sincerely

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