Re: [INDOLOGY] kṣupnādi class of words and the word nagara

Roland Steiner steiner at
Sat Jan 5 11:26:44 UTC 2019

> Monier-Williams dictionary says the word "nagara" is in the  kṣupnādi class
> of words, i.e. those words in which the "n" is never cerebralized.even
> though it should be by the rules of internal sandhi.
> I'm not clear how this is relevent to the word "nagara" since the "n" is
> the first letter of the word My understanding was that the relevent rule
> for cerebralizing the n was an internal sandhi rule and didn't apply
> accross word boundaries.  I.e if the r ṛ ṝ ṣ were in the previous word?

Cf. Böhtlingk/Roth (PW) s.v. nagara: "Das na wird in keinem comp. ṇa  
nach gaṇa kṣubhnādi zu P. 8, 4, 39." ("The na is not cerebralized in a  
compound according to gaṇa kṣubhnādi ...").

Example: giri-nagara "mountain-city" (in contrast to  
giri-ṇadī/giri-nadī "mountain-torrent").

Roland Steiner

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