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I do not necessarily disagree with the belief that Pāṇini lived before the invasions by Alexander, but like to recall that this was not Patañjali's opinion. Patañjali appears to have believed that Pāṇini lived under the Mauryas. Few modern scholars seem to take this seriously, I do not know why. (See, e.g., Harry Falk, “Von Götterfiguren und menschlichen Göttern.” in: Festschrift Klaus Bruhn, ed. N. Balbir & J. K. Bautze, Reinbek 1994, pp. 326-327.)
 Johannes Bronkhorst

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I am wondering if there are any publications that provide a record of Indic vocabulary in Persian, Aramaic, Bactrian and Greek records that give us a linguistic snapshot of the period around Pāṇini.  He is believed to be contemporary with the pre-Mauryan Nanda dynasty and so belonging to a period prior to the invasions by Alexander.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  With best regards,

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