[INDOLOGY] Vimuttimagga--yogin/yogāvacara

Stuart Ray Sarbacker stuart.sarbacker at oregonstate.edu
Fri Feb 22 20:52:46 UTC 2019


In looking at two variant studies of Upatissa’s Vimuttimagga, I’ve noticed that in one (Ehara/Thera/Thera, 1961) that the term “yogin” is frequently utilized, whereas in the other (Bapat, 1931) the (equivalent?) term used is “yogāvacara.” Given that the terminology of the Vimuttimagga is being re-translated into Pāli from Chinese, I’m wondering if anyone can provide clarification as to (1) what Chinese term is being translated as such; and (2) what would be a more accurate translation (if there is one) of that term, and why.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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