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Dear friends and colleagues,

at present I am trying to reconstruct the printing history of sargas 9 to 17 of the Kumārasambhava. I was able to collect the main editions and commentaries of these sargas, with the exception of these three works:

– Maithila Kanakalaśarma Thakkura (ed.). Kumarasambhava of Kalidasa. With the commentaries of Mallinatha (sargas 1-8), Sitarama (9-17), Caritravardhana (1-7), Maithila Kanakala Thakkura (9-17). Haridasa-Samskrta-grantha-mala No. 14. Kavyavibhaga 2. Benares: Caukhamba, 1923.
– Govindasastri (ed.), Kumarasambhava. First 8 cantos with Mallinatha’s commentary and the latter half bare text. Bombay: Khemraj Srīkrsnadas, Saka Samvat 1847.
– Kumarasambhava of Kalidasa. With the Commentary (the Sanjivini) of Mallinatha (1-7 Sargas) and of Sitarama (8-17 Sargas). Madras: V. Ramasvami Sastrulu & Sons, 1936.

Do you happen to have a pdf of (any of) these works? Or can you kindly point me to a library which can provide me with a soft copy of them?

Thank you in advance for your kind help.
Best wishes,


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