[INDOLOGY] first Sanskrit inscription ever published?

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Dans le premier numéro des *Asiatick Researches* (1788), publication de
traductions d’inscriptions par Jones, Wilkins (p. 123-130, 131-141).

Wilkins, Charles (1788). An Inscription on a Pillar near Buddal. Asiatic
Researches 1: 131- 141, with remarks by Sir William Jones pp. 142-4.



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> Dear Arlo,
> I happen to have an "offprint" from Asiatic Researches Vol. 5 of 1799, pp.
> 131 ff of an article by a certain Jonathan Duncan, Efq., titled An Account
> of the Difcovery of Two Urns in the Vicinity of Benares. The text of the
> article is followed by drawings of the inscriptions. This is volume 5 of
> Asiatic Researches. I can imagine that in the earlier volumes more can be
> found.
> Herman
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> Dear colleagues,
> Does anyhow know a modern scholarly publication of a Sanskrit inscription
> older than the one that can be found here in the following?
> John Crawfurd, An Inscription from the Kawi or Ancient Javanese Language,
> Verhandelingen van het Bataviaasch Genootschap der Kunsten en Wetenschappen
> 8, 1816, Batavia: Government Press.
> The volume of the *Verhandelingen* in question can be found on archive.org.
> The title is misleading, and the decipherment utterly unreliable, but the
> transcription clearly reflects the Sanskrit-text of the 'Calcutta Stone' (
> https://iias.asia/the-newsletter/article/kolkata-calcutta-stone-bicentennial-british-interregnum-java-1811-1816).
> It occurred to me recently that this publication might mark the beginning
> of Sanskrit epigraphy as a modern scholarly enterprise. But perhaps there
> is competition from publications by British officers who were posted in
> India proper rather than in 'Farther India'. Please enlighten me.
> Best wishes,
> Arlo Griffiths
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