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Sebastian Nehrdich nehrdbsd at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 4 02:38:12 UTC 2019

Dear Madhav,

Thank you very much for the feedback and thank you for pointing out the
missing etext of the  Atharvaveda-Saṃhitā. I do remember that there was a
problem with the encoding in a few cases and the splitter thus failed to
process a couple of etexts but when I spot-checked I couldn't locate the
problem. I think it should be easy to fix and I will look into it the next
Regarding the Vākyapadīya, this should be the file:
When I scraped the data from GRETIL, all I could use in order to provide
the filenames was the information included in the headers of the etexts,
which is usually without diacritics and sometimes in a strange formatting,
so using the list I provided has it's own challenges. Unfortunately there
is not yet  a good well-formatted list of the (about 1300) etexts in this
collection, that would be very helpful.
With best wishes,


On Sun, Feb 3, 2019 at 8:47 AM Madhav Deshpande <mmdesh at umich.edu> wrote:

> Dear Sebastian,
>      Congratulations for an amazing achievement.  I tested a few texts and
> they worked well.  The one that did not open was Atharvaveda-Saṃhitā.  So
> there may be a few glitches here and there.  I saw Bhartr̥hari's Śatakas.
> Is the Vākyapadīya inculded?  I may have missed it in the long list.
>      In any case, thank you so much for providing this wonderful
> resource.  With best wishes,
> Madhav
> Madhav M. Deshpande
> Professor Emeritus
> Sanskrit and Linguistics
> University of Michigan
> [Residence: Campbell, California]
> On Sat, Feb 2, 2019 at 3:23 PM Sebastian Nehrdich via INDOLOGY <
> indology at list.indology.info> wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> Based on the Sandhi-splitter that Oliver Hellwig and me developed last
>> year (
>> https://github.com/OliverHellwig/sanskrit/blob/master/papers/2018emnlp/sandhi-rnn-hellwig-nehrdich.pdf),
>> I have calculated approximate quotations and parallel passages within the
>> GRETIL corpus. The HTML-tables of the quotations can be accessed here:
>> http://buddhist-db.de/sanskrit-html/index.html
>> The tables are in a very simple format, but since links to the quoted
>> passages are provided, it can be quite entertaining to navigate through the
>> files and jump to the quoted passages.
>> The code and a small description of the used tools are on github:
>> https://github.com/sebastian-nehrdich/gretil-quotations
>> The algorithm is based on fasttext vector representations of sequences
>> with a fixed length of six tokens. This is short enough to match sets of
>> two pādas of an anuṣṭubh stanza and long enough to avoid yielding too much
>> unwanted results. I set the cutoff for the similarity intentionally low, so
>> even matches which might be just very loosely related are included in the
>> results. I think it is better to have some unrelated results from time to
>> time than to miss something that might be of importance. Also the
>> formatting of the GRETIL files is quite different from file to file, and it
>> might have happened that during the process of extracting and splitting the
>> Sanskrit sentences something did not go perfectly well. It is therefore
>> always a good idea to check back with the original etext files.
>> With best wishes,
>> Sebastian Nehrdich
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