[INDOLOGY] Lithuanian - Sanskrit cognates

Matthew Scarborough matthew.scarborough at cantab.net
Thu Apr 25 18:09:07 UTC 2019

Dear Martin, 

I think your best bet for this would be to trawl the indices for Vedic
in a Lithuanian etymological dictionary, or the indices for Lithuanian
in Mayrhofer's _Etymologisches Wörterbuch des Altindoarischen_. 

A very good and quite reliable dictionary for Old Lithuanian was
recently published a few years ago: 

Hock, Wolfgang, Elvira-Julia Bukevičiūtė, Christiane Schiller, Reiner
Fecht, Anna Helene Feulner, Eugen Hill & Dagmar S. Wodtko (eds) 2015.
_Altlitauisches etymologisches Wörterbuch. Band I: A - M. Band II: N -
Ž. Band III: Verzeichnisse und Indices._ Hamburg: Baar Verlag. 


If you can read Polish, also useful and up to date is the following
which includes the contemporary language:
Smoczyński, Wojciech. 2007. _Słownik etymologiczny języka
litewskiego_.Wilno: Uniwersytet Wileński, Wydział Filologiczny. 

In English there is also Rick Derksen's recent _Etymological Dictionary
of the Baltic Inherited Lexicon_ which follows the Leiden School of
Indo-European reconstruction:

Derksen, Rick. 2015. _Etymological Dictionary of the Baltic Inherited
Lexicon._ Leiden: Brill. 

Hope these suggestions help. 

Best wishes, 


Dr. M. J. C. Scarborough

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On 2019-04-25 17:55, Martin Gluckman via INDOLOGY wrote:

> Dear friends, 
> Could someone kindly point me to lists/sources for old (or modern) Lithuanian - Sanskrit (classical or Vedic) cognates. 
> Also any if any comparative grammar studies have been done that would also be useful. 
> With kindest wishes, 
> Martin Gluckman 
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