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Dear Dr. Tieken,


Yes, nampaṟku is the dative of nampaṉ. While both nampaṉ and the honorific form nampar could occur in the verse, I wanted to know if the correct variant in the verse was based on nampaṉ.


As for ‘koṭukkak’, I would expect an exhortation of right behavior would simply say ‘give’ rather than ‘consider to give’. Moreover, I think what we have here is an underlying egalitarian behavior expected among the followers of the bhakti cult. Another Śaiva example is from Tiruppallāṇṭu 2 of Cēntaṉār from the 9th Tirumuṟai. 


miṇṭu maṉattavar pōmiṉkaḷ, meyyaṭiyārkaḷ viraintu vammiṉ

koṇṭum koṭuttum kuṭikuṭi īcaṟku āṭceymmiṉ kuḻām pukuntu

aṇṭam kaṭanta veḷḷap poruḷ aḷavillatōr āṉanta veḷḷapp poruḷ

paṇṭum iṉṟum  eṉṟum uḷḷa poruḷ eṉṟē pallāṇṭu kūṟutumē


I feel ‘koṇṭum koṭuttum’ in the second line refers to the same behavior. Also, in Vaiṣṇava Toṇṭaraṭippoṭi Āḻvār’s Tirumālai 42 we find the exhortation ‘koṭumiṉ koḷmiṉ’.





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Dear Dr Palaniappan 

About nampaṟku, is it not the dative of nampaṉ, "god", in casu Śiva: "beating the drum for Lord Śiva"?

Probably I miss the point, but I do not see any problem in koṭukka(k) kol̥ka, "consider (kol̥ka) to give (koṭukka) to those who beat the drum ...". But as said, I may have missed the point and maybe for the verb kol̥ another meaning should be looked for.

Best Herman



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I have two questions on the text of Tēvāram 5.92.2.


I am giving below the text and commentary on Tēvāram 5.92.2 as given in the Digital Tēvāram of IFP.  




naṭukkattuḷḷum, nakaiyuḷum, nampaṟkuk
kaṭukkak kallavaṭam _iṭuvārkaṭkuk
koṭukkak koḷka _eṉa _uraippārkaḷai
_iṭukkaṇ ceyyappeṟīr, _iṅku nīṅkumē!


நடுக்கத்துள்ளும், நகையுளும், நம்பற்குக்
கடுக்கக் கல்லவடம் இடுவார்கட்குக்
கொடுக்கக் கொள்க என உரைப்பார்களை
இடுக்கண் செய்யப்பெறீர், இங்கு நீங்குமே!




நடுக்கத்துள்ளும் நகையுள்ளும் நம்பர்க்குக் கடுக்கக் கல்லவடம் இடுவார்கட்குக் கொடுக்கக் கொள்க என உரைப்பார்களை (1) இடுக்கண் செய்யப்பெறீர்

Do not inflict sufferings on those who say give anything to the devotees and those who actually give to them who play on the instrument Kallavaṭam with speed, in times of adversity when their minds tremble and when people laugh derisively.

[[கல்லவடம் a kind of drum;

கல்லவடம் இட்டுத் திசைதொழுது ஆடியும் பாடுவார் சிந்தையுள் சேர்வரே (campantar, tiruviḻimiḻalai (8) 6);

அடியார் கல்லவடப் பரிசும் காணுவது என்று கொலோ (cuntarar, tirukkāṉapēr, 5)]]

இங்கும் நீங்குமே

leave from this place also.

[[Variant reading: (1) இடுக்கண் சாரப்பெறீர்]]


The first question is a minor one. Although the commentary uses ‘namparkku’ instead of ‘nampaṟku’, is the reading ‘nampaṟku’ considered to be the correct reading?


The second question is more involved. The translation with two different types of people, who are to be protected from suffering at the hands of Yama’s messengers does not make sense. I think the reading ‘koṭukkak koḷka’ should be corrected to ‘koṭukka koḷka’, where both ‘koṭukka’ and ‘koḷka’ are imperative/optative forms. In that case, the messengers of Yama are asked not to inflict sufferings on those who say “give (to) and receive (from) those who play the kallavaṭam with speed, in times of adversity when their minds tremble and when people laugh derisively.” It is possible that the erroneous insertion of  ‘-k’ in ‘koṭukkak’ had happened long ago. Has anyone seen any manuscripts with the variant ‘’koṭukka’?


Thanks in advance.






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