[INDOLOGY] New Scientist article about the Yamnaya migrations (27 March 2019 )

Matthew Scarborough matthew.scarborough at cantab.net
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The new picture that the aDNA evidence is painting for Indo-European
expansions is indeed grim and disturbing. I feel there is an urgent duty
upon us - especially upon those of us who are also Indo-Europeanists -
to be vigilant against attempts to co-opt these narratives of violence
and oppression in the distant prehistoric past to justify violence and
oppression in the present day. I do not hesitate to add that in today's
political climate where forces are actively pushing back and attempting
to undermine the hard-fought advancements in human rights protections
and progress towards gender equality achieved in the last decades, this
seems more important than ever. 

While the picture *does* look very bad, I suppose popular science
articles whose headline brands the Yamnaya peoples as 'the most
murderous people of all time' (admittedly a more nuanced take in the
actual text of the article) is perhaps not the best way of communicating
the results of this research to the general public.

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Dr. M. J. C. Scarborough 
Research Associate in Indo-European Comparative Linguistics
Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History

Քանի լեզու գիտես, այնքան մարդ ես։
"Soviele Sprachen du sprichst, soviele Menschen du bist." 

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