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Dear Victor,

Having perused a lot of annotated manuscripts -- and still doing it -- I've seen the use of numerals in manuscripts for this type of purpose and also other purposes more often than one might presuppose. As Dominik wrote, usually they are clearly student's manuscripts, but not always, at least according to my faulty judgement.

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I've seen this in students' manuscripts, that are identifiable as such because of the large, learner's Devanagari.  But my experience does not support Brockhaus's view that this is "often" done.  It's very rare.  Maybe Brockhaus was looking at a corpus of MSS by a particular scribe or scribal group, or a particular topic (chandas?) in which this was more common practice?

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Dear all.

Today I stumbled upon a remark that caught my attention. Hermann Brockhaus mentions that in good, carefully written Indian manuscripts the case relation between members of a compound is often written above the words with a numeral corresponding to the case in the usual Sanskrit system (prathamā vibhaktiḥ, etc.). I have not seen this before, but I have not read all that many manuscripts. Does this ring a bell for anyone?  The original text can be found here<https://books.google.de/books?id=l5BFAAAAcAAJ&hl=de&pg=PA18#v=onepage&q&f=false>.  It is also pasted below but will perhaps not come through. The reference is: p. 18, Ueber den Druck Sanskritischer Werke mit lateinischen Buchstaben von Hermann Brockhaus, Leibzig, 1841.

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