[INDOLOGY] Colour symbolism in pre-modern Indic sources; concise overview of the senses

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Regarding the senses, I would start with this volume:

Axel Michaels, Christoph Wulf (eds), Exploring the Senses: South Asian and European Perspectives on Rituals and Performativity, Routledge 2014.

I am not aware of any specific study on colours in medicine or alchemy, but a good starting point could be the relevant chapter in Teun Goudriaan's Māyā Divine and Human (MLBD 1978).


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> Students are asking me for readings for their essays, and I'm slightly
> stumped for good suggestions on these two.  Can anyone point to some good
> studies of these topics?
> I am particularly interested in colour readings in relation to the health
> sciences and alchemy, but anything will do!  I know about Martha Selby's
> 2005 "Narratives of Conception" article and its remarks on red/white
> distinctions in ayurveda.
> Regarding the senses, I haven't yet checked the Brill encyclopedia, and I
> will.  Probably there's something in Dasgupta, Hist. Indi. Philosophy.
> Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
> Best,
> Dominik
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