[INDOLOGY] Nirnay Sagar Font Regular weight completed.

Krishnaprasad G krishnaprasadah.g at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 19:02:21 UTC 2019

Prof. Deshpande Ji
Thanks for your appreciation.

The planned weights and designs were like this.

3 Font Families Planned.

1. The one used in Vani Vilas Press (Even these were created by Nirnay
sagar) in Regular, Regular italics, Bold, Bold italics and Light, with
Light italics.

2. Nirnay Sagar Fonts used in Hitopadesha, Kavya mala Series etc
In Regular , Regular italics, Bold, Bold italics.
3. A design of our own. With 3 weights plus itlacs which is equal 6 weights.

Accomplished work in Vani Vilas press
1. Regular plus italics
2. Bold plus italics
Only Light weight is pending.

Accomplished work in Nirnay Sagar
1. Regular plus italics
Bold is pending

Our own design
Light weight is pending.

All the italics weights are just the modification in rules. No separate
effort is required as in Bold weights etc.

Complete fonts are available for everyone in the month of June.

Krishna Prasad

On Thu 11 Apr, 2019, 12:19 AM Madhav Deshpande, <mmdesh at umich.edu> wrote:

> Looks excellent.  Have you designed the font in multiple weights? Italics?
> Madhav M. Deshpande
> Professor Emeritus
> Sanskrit and Linguistics
> University of Michigan
> [Residence: Campbell, California]
> On Wed, Apr 10, 2019 at 11:44 AM Krishnaprasad G via INDOLOGY <
> indology at list.indology.info> wrote:
>> Dear all
>> The regular weight is now complete of Nirnaya Sagar. The earlier fonts
>> announced as Vani Vilas is too from Nirnay sagar.
>> An information about Nirnay Sagar Fonts
>> Nitin Nimbalkar has posted an information on  Facebook and I am sharing
>> here.
>> This is the story of a nearly illiterate man who on his mere abilities
>> became a renowned personality in printing business of 19th century. JAVJI
>> was born in a poor Maharashtrian family in 1839. Having lost his father at
>> a very tender age, Javji had to discontinue his education at the age of 9 &
>> had to begin earning for his livelihood. Around the same time, Thomas
>> Graham of American mission had started the Mission's "Type
>> foundry"/printing press in Bhendi Bazar area. Javji joined the
>> foundry/press on salary of Rs.2/- per month & was given a work of
>> rubbing/polishing of Types (letter mould) in the foundry. He worked there
>> for 10 yrs. & made himself so proficient in  Type cutting & casting that
>> when the press was taken over by Times of India in 1859, Javjis service was
>> continued with salary of Rs.10/- per month. In 1862 Javji left TOI & joined
>> newly started InduPrakash press as Type-caster on salary of Rs.15/- & then
>> to Oriental printing press on Rs.30/- & was assigned the work of Type
>> founding. He mastered & further developed the art that he had  learnt in
>> this period  & established his own Type-foundry in 1864 by borrowing
>> capital of Rs.700/- from Firojshah Meharji, proprietor of Bombay Samachar &
>> Khuma Sheth, a money lender. His efforts in Type cutting & subsequent
>> inventions of Types were universally acclaimed & were in demand in foreign
>> countries as well. Soon in addition to Type foundry he started his own
>> Printing Press in 1867 in Kalbadevi area of Bombay.  Very next year in 1868
>> Javji undertook printing of "Panchang" (almnac) by specially cutting the
>> small "Types" for this work & named it "Nirnay Sagar" Panchang. Soon it was
>> a part of almost every house hold in Maharashtra. He therefore named his
>> press as Nirnay Sagar press. Sanskrit scripts had its own complexities for
>> composing & printing where exact pronunciation needed to be reproduced
>> while printing. Javji designed his own "Akhand Type" for Devnagari scripts.
>> His Sanskrit publications under the banner of Nirnay Sagar became famous
>> not only in India but all over the world where Sanskrit was studied. He was
>> awarded Justice of Peace in 1892. Unfortunately in the same year he
>> breathed his last after a brief illness. During his working span his
>> foundry established 20 Marathi Type fonts, 40 English, 15 Gujarati and
>> Hindi, 2 Hebrew & 1 Kannada Type fonts. Besides, he had casted 7 varieties
>> of Types specially for (Vaidic) Sanskrit. In his life time Nirnay Sagar
>> press published & printed 193 Sanskrit & 228 Marathi books of its own & the
>> press and foundry together had employed 250 workers. His legacy was carried
>> on by his son Tukaram Javji. The father son duo was honoured by naming two
>> roads in Bombay's Tardeo area after them.
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