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Thanks ao much Iris. This ia very helpful. Please do sens the pages. Best,J

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> Dear Jesse,
> *Arthaśāstra* 1.20.16 mentions among others the queen who « killed the
> king of Kāśī by mixing fried grain with poison under the guise of honey. »
> Here is the passage of the AŚ followed by Kangle’s translation:
> 1.20.16 lājān madhuneti viṣeṇa paryasya devī kāśīrājam viṣadigdhena
> nūpureṇa vairantyam mekhalāmaṇinā sauvīram jālūtham ādarśena, veṇyāṃ gūḍhaṃ
> śastraṃ kṛtvā devī vidūrathaṃ jaghāna.
> « The queen killed the king of Kāśī by mixing fried grain with poison
> under the guise of honey; (the queen killed) Vairantya with an anklet
> smeared with poison, the king of the Sauvīras with a (poison-smeared)
> girdle jewel, Jālūtha with a (poison-smeared) mirror; the queen killed
> Vidūratha by keeping a weapon concealed in the braid of her hair. » (R.P.
> Kangle, 1972, vol. 2, p. 50).
> You might also want to have a look at Kalhaṇa’s *Rājataraṅgiṇī* 7.685 and
> 8.1276-1278 where Vidūratha is mentioned (vidūrathādivṛttāntam (…)
> kelikṣaṇe bruvan (…)). Medhātithi’s commentary on Manu 7.153 mentions
> anecdotes about kings who were assassinated by queens. I have written a few
> pages in my PhD dissertation on this topic and I would be happy to share
> them with you, even though my dissertation is in French.
> Kind regards,
> Iris Iran Farkhondeh
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> Le 6 avr. 2019 à 21:24, Jesse Knutson via INDOLOGY <
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> Dear Friends, To emphasize how careful the king should be even among his
> intimates, the Nītisāra presents a series of brief anecdotes about kings
> who were assassinated by by their wives and family members for a variety of
> reasons (specified concisely by the comm. Jayamaṅgalā). I was wondering if
> any of you know these stories in more detail from other sources. These are
> the stories of Bhadrasena (killed by his brother hiding in the queen's
> quarters), Kārūṣa (killed by his son hiding under his mother's bed), a
> certain Kāśirājendra (killed by wife with poisoned rice), Vairūpya (killed
> with a poisoned girdle-jem), and Jāruṣya (killed by a small dagger hidden
> in the queen's braid). Thanks and all best, भवदीयः,J
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