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Seishi Karashima skarashima at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 00:52:55 UTC 2019

Dear colleagues,

I know that the searchable data of Edgerton’s Buddhist Sanskrit Dictionary
are made open on the internet. Does anybody have also the data of his
Grammar? What I need is not a PDF but a Word-file with Sanskrit diacritical

Dr. Katarzyna Marciniak and I are now making a three-volumed new edition of
the Mahāvastu, basing on the 12th/13th century palm-leaf manuscript which
retains many Middle Indic elements (Senart’s edition [1882~1897] was made
on the basis of much Sanskritised manuscripts, dating from 1800 C.E.!, and
he himself Sanskritised far further.). Accordingly, BHSG should be revised,
because probably around 70% of the examples in it are quoted from Senart’s
edition of the Mahāvastu. We are also planning to compile a glossary and
grammar of the Mahāvastu, basing on the new edition in the same line with
my work on the Abhisamācārikā Dharmāḥ of the same language and same school,
namely Mahāsāṃghika-Lokottavādins –––– PDF is downloadable at the following




For this purpose, I need data (not PDF) of BHSG. If anybody has input data,
please share them with me offline.

In this connection, I announce that the third volume of the new edition of
the Mahāvastu, ed. by Dr. Marciniak, 635 pp., is just published from our
institute (31/March/2019) and its PDF will be uploaded on the website of
IRIAB (http://iriab.soka.ac.jp/en/publication/bppb.html) by the beginning
of May.

With best regards,

Seishi Karashima

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