[INDOLOGY] gang zag and puruṣa

Mark McClish mark.mcclish at northwestern.edu
Mon Oct 29 20:48:44 UTC 2018

Dear List,

A colleague who does not subscribe to the list is investigating the Tibetan term gang zag and its use as a translation of Sanskrit puruṣa or pudgala. I am unfamiliar with Tibetan, but am told that gang zag can be etymologized as “full” (gang) and “impurities, outflows” (zag). If it is a rendering of puruṣa, I can see that “full” might come from reading the first part of puruṣa as pūra. The rest eludes me. There is also the fact that puruṣa occurs in Pāli as purisa, close to Sanskrit purīṣa (“rubble," “feces," etc.).

Any help untangling the relationship between these terms and their translation between Tibetan and Sanskrit/Pāli would be most appreciated.

All best,
Mark McClish

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