[INDOLOGY] Draupadii and polyandry

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On Fri, Oct 26, 2018 at 12:18 PM Joydeep via INDOLOGY

> How are you identifying the “earlier strata” of the epic?

1) I'd be interested if someone could  point out the scholarly articles on
relative dating of different parts of the Mahabharata.?

2) Could the techniques Michael Witzel pointed out years ago in this
posting  to relatively date the books or the Ramayana  be used.  I.e
relative occurance of  vai or similar words in vedic position 2 versus
elsewhere. ?

3) Could a similar technique be used with other linguistic
characteristics.I.e. relative occurance of linguistic characteristics  that
are uncommon in vedic but common in classical sanskrit.  Whitney noted use
of passive constructions,  participles instead of verbs, substitution of
compounds for sentences as characteristic of the change from vedic to the
classical language.

Harry Spier


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