[INDOLOGY] Soma and Amanita muscaria

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Wed Oct 10 05:09:50 UTC 2018

Dear George and Georges,

actually already Grassmann in his Wörterbuch on the very first page has 
taken aMSu- as the name of the plant:


For a discussion of the word and related terms and also for further 
references to the literature, see my article
"Rigvedische Lichtaufnahmen: Soma botanisch, pharmakologisch, in den 
Augen der Kavis"
(Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies (EJVS) 13-1, April 2006, 1-93.) 
for a discussion of all the colour attributes of Soma, that are clearly 
not metaphoric in the RV,
p. 31-37, and for the effects of Soma which are not ephedrine-like, pp. 

Rainer Stuhrmann

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