[INDOLOGY] Samskrita Pratibha Vol. 4

Preston, Charles prestcs at millsaps.edu
Thu Mar 29 22:33:16 UTC 2018

Dear Colleagues,

I’ve been looking in vain for Samskrita Pratibha vol. 4, issues no. 1 and 2.  Few libraries in the US appear to have vol. 4, and I have been unsuccessful in ordering it on interlibrary loan.  WorldCat thinks it might be at UT Austin and University of Pennsylvania libraries, but I can’t afford to fly those places in hopes that WorldCat is right.  If any of you out there know where I can find vol. 4, or could check the shelves at one of those two libraries to see if they do indeed have it (PK401.S32, vol. 4), that would be awesome.   If anyone could possibly scan some small portions of vol. 4 for me, that would be even more helpful.  If vol. 4 really is at either of those libraries, I’ll plan a journey there to read or scan more of it whenever I might have a travel budget, but there are some bits I’d love to read sooner rather than later.

Thanks so much for any assistance in tracking this down!


Charles S. Preston, PhD
Teaching Fellow in Religious Studies
Millsaps College
prestcs at millsaps.edu<mailto:prestcs at millsaps.edu>

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