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Dear all,

I am happy to report that *Text and Tradition in Early Modern North India*
a collection of 21 essays by scholars of Sanskrit, Persian, Bengali, Urdu,
Hindi, and Gujarati, and covering the disciplines of philology, history,
religion, and literary studies is finally available from Oxford University
Press (India) <https://india.oup.com/>. In it we have attempted to draw
together current research on numerous sectarian, intellectual, and literary
traditions in multiple languages and regions, in order to draw connections
between them and give a sense of the period as a whole in the northern part
of the Subcontinent.

I have included below the table of contents for those interested in reading

All best,

Tyler Williams
University of Chicago

*Part One: Between Cosmopolitan and Bhasa*

1. The Emergence of Hindi Literature: From Transregional Maru-Gurjar to
Madhyadeśī Narratives
Imre Bangha

2. Urdu as Persian: Some Eighteenth-Century Evidence on Vernacular Poetry
as Language Planning
Arthur Dudney

3. Muslim Mahākāvyas: Sanskrit and Translation in the Sultanates
Luther Obrock

4. Making Sense of Bhāṣā in Sanskrit: Rādhāmohan Ṭhakkur’s
Mahābhāvānusāriṇī-ṭīkā and Literary Culture in Early Eighteenth-Century
Samuel Wright

5. Commentary as Translation: The Vairāgya Vṛnd of Bhagvandas Niranjani
Tyler Williams

*Part Two: Poetic Genres and Personalities *

6. Poetry in Ragas or Ragas in Poetry? Studies in the Concept of Poetic
Raman P. Sinha

7. Searching for the Source or Mapping the Stream? Some Text-Critical
Issues in the Study of Medieval Bhakti
Jaroslav Strnad

8. Duality in the Language and Literary Style of Raskhan’s Poetry
Hiroko Nagasaki

9. Religious Syncretism and Literary Innovation: New Perspectives on Bhakti
and Rasas in the Vijnānagītā by Keshavdas
Stefania Cavaliere

10. ‘This Is How We Play Holī’: Allegory in North Indian Digambar Jain Holī
John E. Cort

11. Hindi Bārahmāsā Tradition: From Narpati Nālha to Present-Day Folk Songs
and Popular Publications
Teiji Sakata

*Part Three: History in Hindi *

12. War and Succession: Padmakar, Man Kavi, and the Gosains in Bundelkhand
William Pinch

13. The Poetics of History in Padmakar’s Himmatbahādurvirudāvalī
Allison Busch

14. Making the War Come Alive: Ḍiṅgal Poetry and Padmakar’s
Dalpat Rajpurohit

15. Alam: A Poet of Many Worlds
Shreekant Kumar Chandan

16. The Pursuit of Pilgrimage, Pleasure, and Military Alliances:
Nāgarīdās’s Tīrthānanda
Heidi R. M. Pauwels

*Part Four: Sampradāy and Beyond *

17. Gopal Bhatt: Carrier of Bhakti to the North
Shrivatsa Goswami

18. Gadadhar Bhatt and His Family: Facilitators of the Song of Bhakti in
Swapna Sharma

19. Bhaṭṭs in Braj
John Stratton Hawley

20. ‘Why Do We Still Sift the Husk-Like Upaniṣads?’ Revisiting Vedānta in
Early Chaitanya Vaishnava Theology
Rembert Lutjeharms

21. Religious Reading and Everyday Lives
Emilia Bachrach

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