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Dear Heiner,

It may be that you got only text images rather than searchable text of the
Śvetāmbara Jain canonical texts for one or two reasons. On my computer, I
had to click "enable editing" to make the .docx Word file searchable. The
PDF file of the same text was searchable upon opening. The other
possibility is downloading the wrong file. As Royce said, the Jain eLibrary
site is a bit complex, because they have so many texts. The searchable
files are the serial numbers 003701-003789 (only odd numbers).

No doubt the Cūrṇis are more important than the Sanskrit commentaries,
because they are older. But aside from the fact that we only have Cūrṇis on
some of the canonical texts, the very fact that they are in Prakrit like
the canonical texts presents the same accessibility problems. Already a
thousand years ago Jain writers such as Abhayadeva-sūri felt the need to
write Sanskrit commentaries on the Prakrit canonical texts to make them
more accessible.

You are right that the available Cūrṇis are not included in
Ānandasāgara/Sāgarānanda's editions. However, Muni Dīparatnasāgara's
2000 *Āgama
Suttāṇi (saṭīkaṃ)* in 30 volumes includes Jinadāsa Mahattara's Cūrṇi
on the Niśītha-cheda-sūtram
(vols. 15-17), Jinadāsa Mahattara's Cūrṇi on the Daśāśrutaskandha-cheda-sūtram
(in vol. 23), and Siddhasenagaṇi's Cūrṇi on the Jītakalpa-cheda-sūtram
(also in vol. 23). Jinadāsa Mahattara's Cūrṇi on the Anuyogadvāra-sūtram
was included in the critical edition of the Anuyogadvārasūtram prepared by
Muni Jambūvijaya and published in 2 parts as volume 18 of the
1999 and 2000. Jinadāsa Mahattara's Cūrṇi on the Nandī-sūtram was included
in Muni Punyavijaya's 1966 edition of the Nandīsuttaṃ published as volume 9
of the Prakrit Text Society Series. Ānandasāgara/Sāgarānanda's edition of
Jinadāsa Mahattara's Cūrṇi on the Āvaśyaka-sūtram was not published by
the Āgamodaya
Samiti, and I do not know of a newer edition than his 1928-1929 one in two

Best regards,

David Reigle
Colorado, U.S.A.

On Sun, Jun 24, 2018 at 4:42 AM, Rolf Heinrich Koch via INDOLOGY <
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> I would like to mention two points regarding the Śvetāmbara Jain canonical
> texts ( Anandsagarsuri) at  Jain eLibrary:
> 1. I opened one .docx-file: there is no searchable Unicode text but just
> pictures from the manuscripts.
> 2. The most important sources are still the Cūrṇis, since they are written
> in Prakrit without Sanskrit commentary and supposed to be one or two
> centuries earlier written down than Haribhadra's Vṛttis (=Anandasagarsuri's
> edition). Cūrṇis are not included in the Anandasagarsukri-Edition. Or did I
> miss them?
> Best
> Heiner

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