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Dear Indology members,

I am trying to decipher a colophon of a Jain manuscript of Hariṣena’s Dhammaparikkhā, but I have trouble in reading some parts of it.
Could anyone help me with the lines that I have marked? (picture below)
The colophon starts with giving the date (saṃvat 1595 varṣe pauṣadha māse śukla pakṣe … tithau vu(?) maṃgalavāre), but after that I cannot figure out what it says.
I suspect it is about a place and about a ruler of that time.

This obtained this manuscript from Kobatirth, where they told me it is a manuscript from Bhanka. Does anyone know how the manuscripts from Bhanka ended up in Kobatirth, and what the original bhandar was?

[cid:image001.png at 01D40A32.78CC1430]

Many thanks!


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