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Continuing my Krishna Verses:

गोविन्द यमुनातीरे तव लीला सुखप्रदा ।

अस्माकं तु जगद्रङ्गे लीला दु:खप्रदा क्वचित् ।।३८४।।

O Krishna, your play on the banks of Yamunā is so delightful.  On the other
hand, our play on the stage of this world is sometimes unhappy.

क्लेशकर्मविपाकैस्त्वमपरामृष्ट ईश्वर: ।

कुतोऽस्माकं त्वदंशानां तत्स्पर्शो दु:खदो हरे।।३८५।।

You are the Lord untouched by afflictions, actions and fruition. [Yogasūtra
1.24].  Then, why is it that for us, who are specks of yours, there is a
painful touch of all these, O Lord?

न शङ्के तव वैषम्यं नैर्घृण्यं वा जनार्दन ।

अस्माकं कर्मसापेक्षं फलं यच्छसि माधव ।।३८६।।

O Lord, I do not suspect that you are uneven or cruel.  You give us the
fruit in proportion of our Karma, O Lord.

संशयो मे तथाप्यस्ति कुतो मे कर्मबन्धनम् ।

अनादिर्मे कर्मबन्ध इति किं सुवचं वच: ।।३८७।।

Still I do have a doubt as to why I have this bondage of Karma.  Is it
appropriate to say that my bondage of Karma is without beginning?

अनादिस्त्वं जगन्नाथ त्वमस्पृष्टोऽसि कर्मभि: ।

त्वदंशोऽहमनादिश्चेत् कुतो मे कर्मबन्धनम् ।।३८८।।

O Lord, you are without beginning, and you are untouched by Karma.  If I am
a speck of yours and equally without beginning, why do I have the bondage
of Karma?

अनादिश्चेत् कर्मबन्धस्तस्यास्तित्वे न कारणम् ।

अपराधो न मे कश्चित् कारायां पातित: कुत: ।।३८९।।

If the bondage of Karma is without beginning, then there is no cause for
its existence.  I have not committed a crime, and yet why am I locked up in
a prison?

अस्ति चेदुत्तरं तत्र कथयस्व जनार्दन ।

व्यामिश्रेणेव वाक्येन बुद्धिं मोहय मा हरे ।।३९०।।

O Lord, if there is an answer, please tell me.  O Lord, do not cause
delusion in my mind with mixed up words.

श्रुत्वापि ते नैकवारं वचनं मे मतिभ्रम: ।

मन्दबुद्धेर्ममैवायं दोषो न तव माधव ।।३९१।।

Even after hearing your words [in the Bhagavad Gita], I still have
confusion in mind.  O Mādhava, this is my own fault, a dullard, and not

कर्मबन्धो न ते कश्चिन्नृत्यतो यमुनातटे ।

कथं कृष्ण विजानीया अस्माकं कर्मवेदनाम् ।।३९२।।

Dancing on the banks of Yamunā, you have no bondage of Karma.  O Krishna,
how will you understand our pains of Karma?

क्षीराब्धौ स्वपतो लक्ष्मी: कुरुते पादमर्दनम् ।

छायां प्रकुरुते शेषश्चिन्ता जायेत ते कथम् ।।३९३।।

While resting on the cosmic ocean, Lakshmi presses your feet and the cosmic
snake Shesha holds a shade for you.  Why would you have a worry?

कदाचित् क्षणमात्रं त्वं जागृया मधुसूदन ।

अकारणां दुरवस्थामस्माकमवलोकय ।।३९४।।

O Krishna, if you wake up for a moment, please look at our difficult
circumstances that have no cause.

त्वयि जाग्रति लोकेऽस्मिन् कथं न: कर्मवेदना ।

न्याय्यं किमेतद् गोविन्द त्वमेव कुरु निर्णयम् ।।३९५।।

With you being awake, how can we have the pain of Karma?  O Lord, is it
justified?  You decide for yourself.

यदि न: कर्मबन्धोऽस्ति तं निराकुरु माधव ।

नास्ति चेन्न: कर्मबन्धो निद्राहि जलधौ सुखम् ।।३९६।।

If we do have a bondage of Karma, O Lord, please remove it.  If we do not
have a bondage of Karma, then happily go to sleep on the ocean.

Madhav M. Deshpande
Professor Emeritus
Sanskrit and Linguistics
University of Michigan
[Residence: Campbell, California]

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