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> there is another issue with the Kielhorn quotation, I would say, namely
> that most (or at least much) of the inserted material is not necessary at
> all!
> "All of this is inadmissible" is EXACTLY the same thing as "All of this
> is, however, inadmissible", with or without parentheses.
> Every individual word? Is that somehow different from every word?
> So I'm not entirely sure in this case also why Dominik picked this
> example, although knowing him I would not be surprised if he had this very
> point in mind as well... (and yes, I did not notice the incoherent
> sentences later in the paragraph...)

​Yes, @Jonathan, I did indeed think that almost all Kielhorn's
parenthetical additions could be removed without much problem.  But also,
there's just something totally weird about it.  How would a contemporary
reader feel if a German translation of Shakespeare, or an English
translation of Goethe, had this many parenthetical statements?  I think
that we indologists are so inured to this habit of parenthetical
translating that we don't see it with others' eyes.

Or - if we want an example of technical writing, take Tarski's *Introduction
to Logic <https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.471634>.  *Written
originally in Polish in 1936, and first translated into "exact" German in
1937, it appeared in the author's own English translation in 1941. There
are no "Kielhorn" parentheses.  None.  The fact that this is the author's
own translation of his own work makes it a particularly telling example, I
think.  To me, this says that someone who fully understands what they are
translating doesn't use parentheses all the time, or ever.


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