[INDOLOGY] prosit vobis annus novus MMXVIII

Chlodwig H. Werba chlodwig.h.werba at univie.ac.at
Fri Jan 5 19:03:54 UTC 2018

All the best for the New Year, dear colleagues, or to say it in Sanskrit


·         vardhataa.m vo nu dharme.na, yat pu.nya.m cakra ki.m cana /

·         ;subha.m vo navavar.sa.m syaat, sarvaarthakaamasiddhaye // iti


Please, find the full version (with proper diacritics and some ak.saras) in the attached pdf.

But let me also use this ‚Aadiparvan‘ to ask for the help of making available your Vidyaadhanas for identifying the following Upajaati-Paada I recently found quoted in two Dhaatupaa.thas of the 12th cent. (Hdh. I 1036 & Kt. I 852 [sigla as in my Verba IndoArica (VIA) I]):


·         jihvaa;sataany ullalayaty abhiik.s.nam (or with the usual diacritics: jihvāśatāny ullalayaty abhīkṣṇam) /.


Any Hitopade;sa will gratefully be appreciated. It goes without saying that I have checked all lexicons, indices and databases available to me, starting with the PW and ending up with the DCS or Grimal’s excellent work on Bhavabhuuti -- all that, alas, of no avail.

Thanking you for your Sm.rti and, in advance, also for any help you may be able to grant me

Yours cordially

Chlodwig H. Werba


श्रेयो वै वा वसीयो वा संस्कृतान्नास्ति किंचन ।

ततः संस्कृतं शिक्षेरन्नधीयीरंश्च सर्वदा ||

satyam eva vijayate – haqīqat sab ke sab jīt letā hai :: verum omnia vincit

hašiyam ərtācā dinātiy – haqiqat barande mišavad :: τὸ ἀληθὲς πάντως νικᾷ

Prof. Dr. Chlodwig H. Werba, Univ.-Doz. für Indoiranistik

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