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Dear list members,

Verse 7 of the liṅgāṣṭakam is:




tatpraṇamāmi sadāśivaliṅgam

I;ve seen various interpretations of the phrase  aṣṭadalopariveṣṭitaliṅgaṁ

M. Aktor in his article "The Sivalinga between artifact and nature"
translates the phrase as "the lingam which is enclosed upon an eight
petaled lotus" and interprets that as a reference to a  Shiva lingam with
an eight petaled lotus design on its pedestal. I've seen other
interpretations of this phrase, some as a reference to a lingam in an eight
petaled cakra in the body, and others just as a lingam surrounded by eight
petaled lotuses.

But I've been asked if this phrase might be a reference to either:

a) A yantra that has a lingam in the center and is surrounded by an eight
petaled lotus.

Are any of the list members aware of any references in the Sanskrit
literature to a Yantra with an eight petaled lotus pattern and a lingam in
the center?  There is a websiite lingabhairavi.org that has such a yantra
but I've been unable to find any other references to such a yantra so I'm
wondering if this isn't just a modern innovation.


b) A ritual where the lingam is placed on a mandala made of either coloured
grains or other coloured material in an eight petaled lotus pattern and

Is anyone aware of such a ritual?

Also is anyone aware of other interpretations of this phrase.


Harry Spier


Harry Spier

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