[INDOLOGY] Arabic and Persian Astronomical Manuscripts in Jaipur

jmdelire jmdelire at ulb.ac.be
Thu Feb 22 15:55:22 UTC 2018

Dear Members of the list,

I am working in Jaipur Man Singh II Museum these days, in order to see 
astronomical manuscripts, and I have some difficulties to find a 
catalogue of their Arabic and Persian astronomical manuscripts. If by 
any chance, one of the member of the list could have an access to the 
following article and send me a copy, I would be very grateful.
King, David, "A Handlist of the Arabic and Persian Astronomical 
Manuscripts in the Maharaja Man Singh II Library in Jaipur", Journal for 
the History of Arabic Science 4 (1980), 81-86

Best regards,

Dr J.M.Delire,
Lecturer on Science and Civilisation of India and on History of 
Mathematics, University of Brussels

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