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Dear Dr. Griffiths and colleagues,

*ghoṣa* "station of herdsmen" (MW); Pkt. ghosa "cowherd’s station" (for
equivalents in modern languages, meaning "house", see CDIAL 4528) + -*āla*
suffix (cf. AiG II, 2 § 178c; cf. also *iṭṭāla*, *caṇḍāla*, *chinnāla*

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2018-02-09 21:05 GMT+09:00 Arlo Griffiths via INDOLOGY <
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> Dear colleagues,
> I am working with some inscriptions from 5th-century Bengal where it seems
> the word gohāla/gohālī (ultimately from Sanskrit gośāla) is used in the
> meaning 'hamlet', or in any case to indicate something larger than
> 'cow-shed'. But I have so far not found any dictionary, whether for
> Sanskrit, Prakrit or NIA wors, that gives clear support for any such
> meaning. The closest to anything like support is Sheth's Prakrit
> Dictionary, where the first meaning indicated for gosāla is deśaviśeṣa. Can
> anyone help me determine on what textual passages this meaning is based?
> Can anyone cite other examples from any Indo-Aryan languages where a word
> related to Sanskrit gośāla means something like 'hamlet'?
> Thank you.
> Arlo Griffiths
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