[INDOLOGY] Question on Sarasvati as a masculine title

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Dear Madhav,
I have lost track of the reactions to your question.  Maybe someone has already drawn your attention to compounds like Kālidāsa, Lakṣmivardhana, etc. discussed in Wackernagel and Debrunner, Altindische Grammatik, Band II, 2, pp. 304-6. If not, I do hereby.

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Onderwerp: [INDOLOGY] Question on Sarasvati as a masculine title

Dear Colleagues,

     This morning I came across this book, where the author's name is given as प्रबोधानन्दसरस्वतिपाद, where the word "sarasvati" occurs with a short "i".  This "sarasvatī", as well as "Bhāratī" is added in the title of many Sannyasins.  Sometimes I see the titles with a long "ī", and here is an instance of a short "i".  I am wondering as to what is the common practice and the grammar of that practice, especially since normally feminine expressions are being used in male titles.  Any suggestions?

Madhav Deshpande
Campbell, California

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