[INDOLOGY] Question on Sarasvati as a masculine title

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Dr Deshpande,

                            While  going thru a book on Gita interpretation in Bengali, I came across the name of Madhusudan Saraswati with a long " I ".In Bengali , Sara's water is always spelt with a long " i", either while referring to the Goddess, or Religious order or the mythical river.However, I am not aware  of any other regional variants.


                                       Alakendu  Das.

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Subject: [INDOLOGY] Question on Sarasvati as a masculine title
Dear Colleagues,
>     This morning I came across this book, where the author's name is given as प्रबोधानन्दसरस्वतिपाद, where the word "sarasvati" occurs with a short "i".  This "sarasvatī", as well as "Bhāratī" is added in the title of many Sannyasins.  Sometimes I see the titles with a long "ī", and here is an instance of a short "i".  I am wondering as to what is the common practice and the grammar of that practice, especially since normally feminine expressions are being used in male titles.  Any suggestions?
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