[INDOLOGY] Siddhāntaśekhara, Manomanigranthamālā

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Hi all,

I’m looking for an āgama text entitled Siddhāntaśekhara (not the jyotis text of that name composed by Śrīpati). In Wayne Edward Surdam’s doctoral dissertation (UC Berkely, 1984), “South Indian Śaiva Rites Of Initiation: The Dīkṣāvidhi of Aghoraśivācārya’s Kriyākramodyotikā”—

Available here:


—I found the following entry in the bibliography of primary sources:

Siddhāntaśekhara, by Viśvanātha,
Manomanigranthamālā no.20, Bangalore, 1971.

This might be the text I’m seeking. However, I can’t flocate the book nor can I find any further information Manomanigranthamālā book series.

Does anyone know about this series? Maybe about this particular publication?

Of course, any information on the Siddhāntaśekhara (the āgama text) would be greatly appreciated.

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