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Dear Friends,

The Call for Papers Deadline for the Y*oga, Movement and Space Conference,
Kyoto, Japan 2-3 November 2018*, has been extended to *15 June 2018. *

Below, you can find more information.

This conference seeks to foster an interdisciplinary exchange between
anthropologists, sociologists, historians, indologists, scholars of
religion, philosophers, philologists and linguists. And, also, yoga
practitioners and members of the general public interested in attending.

The intention is to facilitate a leisurely and collegial two-day
interdisciplinary conference, which is thematically anchored around the
broad theme of *yoga as movement*, particularly in relation to the imaginative
<https://drive.google.com/open?id=1p3JAECEsKasMly1PikdfM88fQeXdZ187> of
tourism and pilgrimage within the multi-trillion-dollar global wellness
(which defines wellness as a *state of complete physical, mental, and
social well-being*).

Building upon a 'serious leisure perspective
<https://www.seriousleisure.net/concepts.html>*'* (SLP), participants are
free to discuss how movement can be understood as that which occurs *on and
off the yoga mat. *This includes the imaginative movement that occurs in
meditation, the physical movement to and within one’s local yoga studio, or
travel to exotic, distant lands. Aspects of which are inherent in the
creation and consumption yoga-inflected lifestyles.

We will also explore how the subjective, embodied experience of the yoga
practitioner is mediated through internal movements of aspiration,
expectation, and imagination. This includes textual-historical and
ethnographic analysis of how imaginative interiorisation is used to
traverse an internal sacred-scape, such as a*mānasa-tīrtha* (mind-passage),
a process that is arguably as important as physical movement through time
and space.

This development and management of imaginary landscapes, where the imagined
*-scape* is interpolated onto a physical place, may hold more
epistemological and ontological importance than the physical location one
finds themselves in (See McCartney 2017

This notion of ‘movement’ allows for the exploration of how the pursuit of
 and purification may consequently produce different types of environmental
and social 'pollution'; and how participation in the global yoga tribe
might potentially reify both, global and local, social and economic
networks and hierarchies. Thus, 'movement', also relates to cultural
conflict related to the social-political issues of manipulating cultural
narratives, cultural appropriation, 'white-washing', and the building of
cultural nationalisms. Therefore, there is space within the conference for
us to discuss the steps required to practically decolonise yoga
both from the colonial and post-colonial/neo-liberal masters.

​If you would like to read more about the ideas inspiring this conference,
click here

To register, click here

​Thank you, for your interest in this conference.

All the best,

パトリック マッカートニー
Patrick McCartney, PhD
JSPS Fellow - Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto
University, Japan
Research Associate - Nanzan University Anthropological Institute, Nagoya,
Visiting Fellow - South and South-east Asian Studies Department, Australian
National University

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