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Fair enough. Such intercultural translation of the one's correspondent's
'emic' into one's own 'emic' ( which could be viewed as 'etic' depending on
where one is coming from), is fair enough.

Understanding things through such translation is part of everyday
experience not only of an Anthropologist whose jobs it is to understand
things that way, but is part of any prudent and healthy interpersonal

It is professional for an Anthropologist to understand things that way as
much as it is professional for a historian to arrive at the accurate dates

Claims, among common people particularly as part of their belief in
legends, of greater antiquity to things than a historical critical scrutiny
can approve of, are widespread across different parts of the world , not
limited to Indian society.

Claims of antiquity and their diametrically opposite claims of 'state of
the art' both, used across the globe in marketing , may not always stand
the scrutiny for factuality. Whichever of these two claims suits the
product is used by the marketing people. The same marketing agency may use
both the claims for different products. Hence a certain marketing agency
can not be characterised as atiquity-claiming or sate - of - the-

History is part of a larger logical positivist paradigm. Claims of
'scientific' by people working for religion and religious things not
standing the scrutiny of science is widespread across the globe across
religions. Historical claims about things religious not standing the
scrutiny of historical critical studies is part of the same situation.

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> Nowadays, whenever I see "5000" asserted as a date, whether before present
> or BCE, I now treat it as a purely symbolic gesture to antiquity rather
> than a date that a professional historian would attend to.
> Best,
> Dominik
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>> Nagaraj,
>> ​[...]​
>> For instance, there is a type of 'Vedic Thai Yoga Massage' that claims to
>> be 5000 years old, and which also claims this date for the Bhāgavatam, and
>> which explicitly states that Dhanvantari is a Vedic god. Yet, as far as I
>> was aware, and which Dagmar confirmed in another email, the Ashvins are the
>> Vedic gods related to healing, and any mention of Dhanvantari does not
>> appear until the current era. However, this 5000 yo date  asserts an
>> untenable date for the
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