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Nowadays, whenever I see "5000" asserted as a date, whether before present
or BCE, I now treat it as a purely symbolic gesture to antiquity rather
than a date that a professional historian would attend to.


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> Nagaraj,
> ​[...]​
> For instance, there is a type of 'Vedic Thai Yoga Massage' that claims to
> be 5000 years old, and which also claims this date for the Bhāgavatam, and
> which explicitly states that Dhanvantari is a Vedic god. Yet, as far as I
> was aware, and which Dagmar confirmed in another email, the Ashvins are the
> Vedic gods related to healing, and any mention of Dhanvantari does not
> appear until the current era. However, this 5000 yo date  asserts an
> untenable date for the

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