[INDOLOGY] Once again on the origin of zero: the date of the Bakhshali manuscript (or manuscripts?)

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               Thanks for your response. I would mention a link here ,which may be useful to you.

  www.historymuseum.ca/cma/exhibitions/civil/maya/mmc05eng.shtml.( Ref-Canadian Museum of History)

  I would also mention a line from the link,which goes as follows- 'That the Maya understood the value of 

zero is remarkable -most of world's civilisations had no concept of zero at that time'

      The moot point is that the Mayans may not be using zero as a place-value ,as efficiently as the 

Bakshali mms did, but ,if the issue is that of ORIGIN OF ZERO ,then, would be out of place to grant the 

Mayans this honour? 

                                          ALAKENDU DAS

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