[INDOLOGY] On the Book: "On Meaning an Mantras: Essays in Honor of Frits Staal"

George Thompson gthomgt at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 19:41:18 UTC 2017

Dear List,

Thanks to Christophe Vielle, it has come to our attention that our book in
honor of Frits Staal, published by the Institute of Buddhist Studies last
year, has been difficult [or maybe impossible] to order online because of
problems with the website of the University Press of Hawaii, which
distributes it.  Christophe has informed  us that this press has no record
whatsoever of our book dedicated to Frits on their website.  This is a
shocking and dismaying thing.  Richard and I have worked very hard to
publish this book.  To learn now that the books are sitting in a warehouse
somewhere and that there is no means to order a copy is very frustrating
for us, who have labored so long on it.

In any case, Richard has assured me that this error has now been corrected,
and that ordering this book from the press should now be easy.

I edited this volume as an homage to a great Vedicist and a dear friend.
It is very disappointing to have learned about this delay in the book's

With best wishes to all, and with  apologies for this delay,

George Thompson

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