[INDOLOGY] Book announcement

Jürgen Neuß jneuss at makroskop.de
Thu Sep 7 08:26:58 UTC 2017

Dear list members,

I am pleased to announce the publication of my book:
Māndhātr̥durga – A Preliminary Catalogue of the Historic Monuments at  

The book is available as a free PDF, at the Open-Access publication  
platform CrossAsia-eBooks, hostet at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.
Here is the link:

A moderately priced hardcover copy is also available on amazon.de. Readers  
or institutions from outside Europe interested in obtaining a hardcover  
copy, are kindly requested to contact me off-list at  
jneuss at central-india.de

Sorry for cross-posting.


Dr. Jürgen Neuß
Zwinglistr. 40
10555 Berlin

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