[INDOLOGY] Fwd: Reproduction of manuscripts is now FREE and publicly shareable in Italy

Tyler Neill tyler.g.neill at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 13:47:53 UTC 2017

Dear all,

It may interest you to hear that Italy has just relaxed the rules regarding
photo-reproduction of material in its libraries. See copied message below,
containing a short summary by a colleague of mine at Leipzig and also
(attached) an official communication (in Italian) from the association
"Fotografie Libere per i Beni Culturali", namely written by A. Brugnoli, S.
Gardini, and M. Modolo. The latter contains the text of the decree as well.

Best regards,
Tyler Neill

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Date: Wed, Aug 30, 2017 at 2:10 PM
Subject: Reproduction of manuscripts is now FREE and publicly shareable in
To: Perseus Digital Library <Perseus at tufts.edu>

Since yesterday, you are explicitly allowed to take your own photographs,
as many as you want, from material in Italian Libraries that is free of
Copyright, with special regard to manuscripts, whose reproduction was
subject, as we all know, to the payment of fees.

You will also be able to share those reproductions in any non-profit
context, not just "for personal study", without being subject to additional

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