[INDOLOGY] Verses on Taptamudra

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Dear Colleagues,

I am working on a text on Vaishnava rituals (HaribhaktivilAsa) that in  
one of its chapters deals with taptamudrAdhAraNA. I am wondering what  
source the mid-16th century author has used. The author refers to  
several Puranic verses, but also obscure shruti sources such as the  
yajuHkaThAzAkhA (dhRtordhvapuNDraH kRtacakradhArI...), and atharvan  
(ebhir vayam urukramasya cihnair...). Such verses sound mAdhva to me,  
and indeed they can be found in VijayIndra's CakramImAmsA, but that  
text is a little too late to be the source for my text. My question  
therefore is, are there any older mAdhva texts dealing with  

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