[INDOLOGY] Seeking PDF copy of Vasiṣṭhasiddhānta

Toke Knudsen Toke.Knudsen at oneonta.edu
Tue Oct 10 08:45:02 UTC 2017

Dear all,

Would anyone happen to have a PDF copy of the Vasiṣṭha-siddhānta (an astronomical treatise attributed to the sage Vasiṣṭha)?

Vindhyeśvarī Prasāda Śarman Dvivedī (editor), Vasiṣṭhasiddhānta. Vidyāvilāsa Presa, Banārasa, 1907.

Another edition would work, too, though I don’t think one exists.

(Note that there’s an edition, by the same editor, of the Vṛddha-vasiṣṭha-siddhānta available at archive.org—see: https://archive.org/details/JyotishSiddhantSangraha—but that’s a different text than the one I’m after.)

With all best wishes,

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