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Ms Kavya Murthy sends the following query.  Please send answers her directly
<​murthy.kavya at gmail.com> (and CC the list if you wish).  Ms Murthy is a
professional writer and editor.

With thanks,

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From: Kavya Murthy <
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Date: 9 October 2017 at 19:41


If you would consider a request to members, I wanted to ask the following

As I mentioned, I am researching mangoes - as a cultural matter of taste.
One of the first things I'm setting out to do is learn as much as possible
about mangoes in Indian history or philosophy or travelogue,  or any texts.
I wished to explore mangoes as metaphor, as ingredient, as mudra or prose.

It would be so great to ask this forum about references and reading I can
start with! Naresh Keerthi who recommends that I ask the forum has already
pointed me towards Pampa mahakavi.

Thanks ever so much.


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