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I managed to find the Biardeau article, along with one by Anantlal Thakur
and another by van Buitenen in the same issue:

1. Anantlal Thakur, "Studies on Vacaspati Misra (1)", *Mitra-vāṇī *17/Vācaspati
viśeṣāṅka (1960), pp. 132–136.

2. Madeleine Biardeau, "Vācaspati Miśra a Syncretist?", *Mitra-vāṇī
viśeṣāṅka (1960), pp. 137–142.

3. J. A. B. Van Buitenen, "Vacaspati's Critique of the Bhedabheda Doctrine
of Bhaskar", *Mitra-vāṇī *17/Vācaspati viśeṣāṅka (1960), pp. 143–151.

I've put the PDF of these papers here:

   - https://archive.org/details/MitraVani1960

The issue had many other interesting articles: see the table of contents.


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> Dear Indologists,
> Does anyone have a pdf of Madeleine Biardeau's article "Vacaspati Misra:
> a syncretist?" It has been published in Mitravani-Vacaspati Visesanka,
> pp. 137-142. Date of publication unknown...
> Your help will be much appreciated!
> Dimitry Shevchenko
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