[INDOLOGY] Methods to solve superiority problems, such as the contest among the vital functions

Wiese wiese at wifa.uni-leipzig.de
Wed Nov 15 15:00:52 UTC 2017

Dear list members,

the contest among vital functions is a well-known topic in the Āraṇyakas 
and the Upaniṣads. Among other arguments one finds two generalizable 
solutions to the superiority problem: (i) the sequential approach and, 
(ii), the withdrawal approach. (i) In KauU 2.14, the vital functions 
enter the body (which does not stand) one after another. Only when 
breath enters, the body gets up. (ii) In BĀU 6.1, ChU 5.1, and ŚĀ 9.1-7, 
speech leaves the body and reenters after a while. Etc.

Is anyone of you aware of any non-modern Indian or non-Indian solutions 
to the superiority problem that proceed along similar generalizable lines?

Yours sincerely

Harald Wiese
University of Leipzig
wiese at wifa.uni-leipzig.de

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